Realizzazione Arredamento Stile Sardo

Falegnameria Bussu Arredamenti.
Furnish your home with taste and tradition through our Sardinian style furniture, hand-crafted, from kitchens to bedrooms to all furnishing accessories’ bedside tables, chests, closets, shoe racks etc. Making your home unique or even your Bed and Breakfast in Sardinia. For our crafts, we use various types of wood such as chestnut, poplar, teak and much more and we can make any furniture or piece of furniture to measure according to the needs and tastes of our customer where we can engrave the classic traditional designs Sardinian as the lapwing, Rose of the Winds, Sa Pintadera, flowers or other geometric decorations.

Photo Sardinian style furnishings made for the Municipality of Mara and Privati