Bussu Falegnameria Palco Vaticano

Stage for the Jubilee, hired upholsterers from Sassari

SASSARI. Salvatore Bussu – Articolo Pubblicato sul quotidiano La Nuova Sardegna

They were contacted by the carpenter Salvatore Bussu to whom the Vatican commissioned the work contacted Sassari upholsterers for the covering of the benches of the stage made for the Jubilee. Strictly red fabrics. Within the carpentry shop, the project designed by a group of architects was scrupulously consulted during each phase of the realization.

Vatican, the stage for the Jubilee is born from the hands of a carpenter from Sassari

SASSARI. Falegnameria Bussu – Articolo Pubblicato sul quotidiano La Nuova SardegnaBussu-falegnameria-realizzazione-palco-vaticano-roma020
Salvatore Bussu’s company is building the structure for the Pope. 15 craftsmen worked on the work: on 4 October it will host the synod of bishops

One summer morning the telephone rings and on the other side of the receiver is the Vatican. Even if he and his company have realized important works – in over fifty years of activity – he certainly did not expect to have the administration of the Sistine Chapel as a client one day. And even less would he have imagined that one of his works could end up among Michelangelo’s frescoes.

  • The most important contract

And instead last July 28 Salvatore Bussu – owner of the homonymous woodworking shop in the 33rd street of Predda Niedda – has signed the most important and prestigious work contract that the historic family company has ever found before its eyes: the realization of the stage where on 4 October next will be the synod of bishops chaired by Pope Francis in the basilica of St. Peter’s. An appointment that officially opens the celebrations of the extraordinary Jubilee that will always be held in Rome on December 8th. The same structure, on that occasion, will be moved to the Sistine Chapel to house the choir that will animate the Bergoglio Mass.

  • Countdown

Work in the carpentry started on September 1st and on Tuesday the stage will be loaded on three trucks that will depart from Sassari in the direction of Rome. “Someone claims that he had the courage to accept this task – says Salvatore, with a voice and soul that is not at all scratched by tension – It is probably so but I decided to start a team work and I could count on the collaboration of many professionals”. In fact, Bussu has a great merit: that of having valued the enterprise of his island, just think that in this project he wanted to involve artisans and entrepreneurs who are small excellences in Sardinia. From the carpenter to the upholsterer, from the timber supplier to the painter.

  • Work tirelessly

National walnut: this is the material chosen by the clients for the construction of the stage. This is the most prized wood on the market. In the Predda Niedda carpentry shop you can smell its intense fragrance, but for months the work has been in full swing, but these days the pace has inevitably become faster. Fifteen artisans, including Sundays, are completing the wooden structure. A majestic, refined work. It makes a certain impression to see it take shape in that laboratory where Salvatore Bussu directs the team of employees, always with a smile on his lips and a ready joke.

“In a few days delivery will take place – he explains – and of course delays are not allowed”. Antonello Fiori, administrator of the Imprelog of Sassari, the forwarding and transport company that will take care of the assembly of the stage in the basilica of San Pietro, knows this too. On Wednesday the entrepreneurs of Sassari will be there all day and in fact the basilica will remain closed.

  • The five-way meeting

And how can you forget that July day? “We were summoned to the Vatican to receive the job proposal. There were five of us at the meeting, there were cardinals, a magnificent room where everyone had their seat assigned. We were told what kind of structure we should have built and naturally they wanted to know everything about us ». Establishing a relationship of trust in those environments is indispensable. Also because it is thanks to the reliability and the great professionalism demonstrated in many years of work that Salvatore and his staff have received such a high prestige position. Few more details and the work will be finished, ready to join the Bernini altar.

Placed in San Pietro the stage for the Jubilee built by a carpenter of Sassari

SASSARI. Falegnameria Bussu – Articolo Pubblicato sul quotidiano La Nuova Sardegna

L’opera degli artigiani sardi è accanto all’altare del Bernini. Verrà utilizzata domenica 4 per il sinodo e a dicembre per il Giubileodi Nadia Cossu

SASSARI. The work began early in the morning in St. Peter’s Basilica. The Tir departing Tuesday from Sassari reached Rome with a decidedly prestige load: the wooden stage that next Sunday will host the synod of bishops. The same structure for the December Jubilee will be moved to the Sistine Chapel.bussu_arredamenti_roma The skilled craftsmen of the Bussu joinery of Predda Niedda created the work destined to remain a fixed furniture of the Vatican.
Years of experience and great professionalism have allowed them to make themselves known even in environments far from Sardinia. The skilled hands of Salvatore Bussu’s staff began work on September 1st and in less than a month, devoting themselves to the construction of the stage non-stop, they managed to respect the terms of the delivery. The entrance to the Basilica of San Pietro yesterday was exciting, precise protocols were obviously observed and to allow the assembly (performed by the Sassari Imprelog) the church remained closed for several hours. Bussu had been contacted by the administration of the Sistine chapel in July, a project to be carried out for a certainly special occasion had been presented to the owner of the Sassari company. A semicircle stage, with benches covered with red fabric to be used for the synod and which on other occasions will host – among other things – the choir of the Sistine Chapel. Who will also perform at the solemn Mass of the December Jubilee. A great pride for the Bussu family and for the fifteen artisans of the Predda Niedda company. But also a pride for Sassari that can boast of such excellence. Moreover, Salvatore Bussu also wanted to involve other small local entrepreneurs who contributed to setting up the highly prized stage. Made of Italian walnut, it will stand next to Bernini’s altar, in the center of the basilica. And what better location could he have aspired to?

At San Pietro the final touches to the Sassari artisans’ stage

SASSARI. Falegnameria Bussu – Articolo Pubblicato sul quotidiano La Nuova Sardegna
The assembly of the Bussu joinery will be completed tomorrow Saturday 3 October

The Bussu di Predda Niedda carpentry workshop is taking shape more and more and has been located in the Basilica of San Pietro for two days. The assembly of the work created by fifteen Sassari artisans for the Vatican will be concluded by Imprelog (also a Sassari company) tomorrow, Saturday 3 October. On Sunday 4 the structure in national walnut will be used for the synod of bishops. The stage will also be used for the December Jubilee and, thanks to the underlying steel platform with wheels, it can be moved to the Sistine Chapel among Michelangelo’s frescoes to house the choir during the Mass of Pope Francis. Salvatore Bussu, owner of the Predda Niedda carpentry workshop, also involved numerous small entrepreneurs in the area for the construction of the structure. Part of the timber also came from Sicily, from the “Sipan” of Campobello di Mazara, in the province of Trapani. A month of work, an extraordinary work, so much pride and the name of Sassari’s business excellence that from the island reaches the Vatican.

The “Sassari” stage will remain forever in San Pietro

SASSARI. Falegnameria Bussu – Articolo Pubblicato sul quotidiano La Nuova Sardegna
Appreciations to the work of the Bussu carpentry also by the BBC journalists. For the first time, the appearance of the largest papal church in Rome by Nadia Cossu changes

bussu vaticano roma palcoAlong with the Bernini altar, for some days in the Basilica of San Pietro there is a new point of attraction for visitors. The thousands of people who come to the Vatican from all over the world to admire the extraordinary and evocative beauty of the church, now also immortalize with their objectives a structure made in Sardinia: the stage that hosts the choir of Pope Francis. For the first time, since the basilica was built (the works were completed in 1626), the appearance of the largest of Rome’s four papal churches has changed somewhat. And it changes with the introduction of a brand new work destined to become a fixed piece of furniture, designed by a team of architects and sound engineers and made by the skilled hands of fifteen Sassari artisans. The wooden stage is over, a few days ago the carpenters of the Bussu company have refined the last details, have polished benches, backs and lecterns and have once again looked with pride on that majestic work born in a laboratory in Predda Niedda and finished in one of the most important churches in the world . In a space of fifty square meters, in the immense basilica of San Pietro, there is now a piece of Sardinia. Indeed: of Sassari, wanting to claim – as it should be – the exact paternity of the work. On 28 July, Salvatore Bussu, owner of the homonymous woodworking shop in the 33rd street of Predda Niedda, had signed the contract for the realization of the structure commissioned directly by the Vatican administration Bussu Arredamentidella of the Sistine chapel and inaugurated on October 4, the opening day of the Synod of Rome.papa vaticano Bussu Arredamenti

A stage entirely built by the Sassari artisans with the contribution of the excellence of the territory to which Bussu has entrusted: upholsterers, blacksmiths, suppliers of timber. In recent days, many people have congratulated the Sassari entrepreneur, son of art and with Ollolai’s origins. The Vatican, the Italian and foreign tourists who always flock to the basilica and continue to take photographs, even a group of BBC journalists who shot exclusive footage during the choir rehearsals. Understandable the satisfaction of Salvatore Bussu in the first place and the master carpenters Andrea Sanna and Costanzo Muroni who worked with the precious collaboration of Ivan Ruiu: in the last period they received praise for the great professionalism and for the seriousness demonstrated in these weeks of stay in Rome. They worked hard and in the end they liked the stage so much that its location inside the basilica will be permanent. The Pope’s choir will sing under the loving gaze of Saint Helena, the statue of the empress four and a half meters high and made by Andrea Bolgi. They will be on the side of Bernini’s baldachin, of which the wooden stage takes up the style with the twisted columns, adorned, like those of the altar, with spiral grooves.